Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #5206 Untouchables Set - Pt 2

Let's continue our coverage of the Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #5206 Untouchables Set by covering the Garage Group which consists of the following in soft plastic:

                Dump truck, 1, black
                Removable snow plow (aka ramming blade), 1, black
                Semi-tractor, 1, black
                Compressor, 1, black
                Jack Hammers, 3, black
                Wheel sets, 5,  black

The original Marx set came with a tin Cadillac and Rolls Royce from Linemar. The Mexican set uses repo trucks from the '50s era 'Big Inch Pipeline' playset making this set a '50s era gangster montage vs. the '20s/'30s era of the original. Except for the female Flapper figure, the men's garb would allow the figures to actually fit in quite well in a '50s setting.


Okay, I've got to apologize here. There are two jack hammers which are designed to attach to either side of the air compressor - and they weren't photographed on or off the compressor!

Another apology here - don't ask me why but I also forgot to photograph the snow plow either on or off the truck. I must've had a bad photo day!!!