Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marx #3771 Diner - Silver w/Red Roof

What seems like a very looong time ago I said we would try to feature a diner every Tuesday, and call it Diner Dienstag (Dienstag = 'Tuesday' in German), but I'm afraid that was far too ambitious a project to have started. Quite frankly there isn't enough diner's in the collection to keep it going for that long, but I still have a few to show so what the heck, for right now let's look at this early 1950s Marx plastic diner. 

On Jan 29 we looked at the green and yellow Marx diner, and on May 30 we looked at the red and gray version so today we're taking a quick look at the silver and red version. To the best of my knowledge Marx only made four color variations, the next one being a yellow walled/green roof version. 'Til next time - Enjoy!