Monday, July 29, 2013

Marx 1938 U.S. Army Tank No. 3 Turnover Tank

Here's a real blast from the past, the Marx No. 3 Turnover Tank from 1938. According to "Greenberg's Guide To Marx Toys Volume II" by Maxine A. Pinsky (1990 out of print) these came in at least six major versions. They differ mostly in their lithography patterns and type and placement of external machine guns. What we have for you today is the second version which has a yellow hull, with a lithographed gun and turret in the front with two headlights. On either side are separate metal guns each in its own housing. Below that are the words "TANK CORPS 3" and two headlights. The turnover mechanism works by winding the spring via the built-in key located on the starboard side of the hull. When the tank is released a bar lowers from beneath the tank causing it to flip over. The tank measures 8"L (20.3cm) x 3 5/8"W (9.2cm) x 4 1/4"H (10.8cm). My tank doesn't quite flip all the way over and it's no doubt because of the age and weakness of the spring mechanism, however it is still a really nifty toy from the past - and can you believe these things cost 49cents new - 69cents if you got the deluxe sparkling gun version?!! Enjoy!