Saturday, July 27, 2013

Premier Plastics & Knock-off Flash Gordon Space Ships – Pt 16 3" Hard Plastic Dart v.2

Our Premier Plastics Flash Gordon space ship series continues today with this second 3" hard plastic Dart variation.  (Dart is the designation given to this design by me in order to differentiate it from the wider version which I've termed - cleverly enough - the Wide Body). This differs from the version featured last week in that it has six windows behind the cockpit vs. five. This kind of caught me by surprise as normally one would think that enough resources were spent by the company to make a single version without wasting more time and energy to put out a second. After all, these are small, and quite frankly minor, toys. Right now trying to speculate as to the why Premier made the change is pointless. The fact is a change was made and so we'll leave it at that. (Personally I believe both variants were made by Premier Plastics as it wouldn't have been cost effective for another company to make a knock-off of a minor toy in anything other than soft plastic). Here are the particulars for this variant:

3” Darts v.2
- Hard plastic
- Made by Premier Plastics
- 6 windows behind cockpit
- 3 tall struts in place of wheels in tricycle landing gear arrangement
- No number underneath fuselage
- Stiffening ribs between windows