Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mattel 2004 1/64 Scale #C2707-0714C First Editions Hardnoze Batmobile

Today's Batmobile offering is rather an odd duck, Mattel's Hardnoze Batmobile from 2004. As a toy it really is a cool design with those large flaring front fenders and that gray flame motif and I'll bet this sucker really flies around on the Hot Wheels plastic roadway. Of course, Hot Wheels cars are supposed to do that - that's part of their appeal. But, if someone were to build a full scale working version of this the driver would have one heck of a time driving this thing. Take a look at the very first photo and you'll see what I mean - the cockpit sits so far below those front fenders the driver has no forward visibility at all. Well, it's a good thing this Batmobile is only toolin' around on bedroom or kitchen floors and not the streets!  Enjoy!