Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013_08_22 & 23 Harvest Moon Slowly Saying 'Bye Bye' & Tonight's Sunset

The Harvest Moon is slowly but surely on the decline and we've been messing with the settings on the FujiFilm camera. The first couple of shots are from two days ago:

2016-08-22: This camera has a better zoom lens than the Canon which just went kaput last week but the settings are very limited. You can't change the film speed (ISO) and the aperture doesn't go down enough in Manual mode. Pictures taken just before sunrise or just after sunset turn out better as we can get some details. When the sky is fully darkened the Moon just turns into a bright white orb regardless of what settings we use.

Below: This is the shot above cropped and with modified contrast and midtone settings

2013-08-23: One neat feature of the FujiFilm is this gimmick setting of taking one shot and the camera automatically zooms in and crops an additional two frames creating three pictures

...and a freaky .gif using those three-in-a-row shots :-)

(makes me dizzy watching this thing!)

2013-08-24: We had some rain in the Valley and there's some hold over cloud cover. Temps have cooled, there's a nice breeze, and the sky looks pretty. Enjoy!