Saturday, August 24, 2013

Canon and FujiFilm Camera Face-off

Bettina was out practicing with the FujiFilm camera and she managed to get some super close-ups of the Moon which were totally beyond the capability of our old Canon which crapped out the other week. The optics on both are about evenly matched but the zoom function on the FujiFilm is far better (ALTHOUGH, it's noisy as heck when using it in video mode!)

Here's an unedited shot from the old Canon (the Super Moon from 23 Jun). It's as close up as we could get with it.

This unedited shot was taken this evening with the FujiFilm camera with the camera set on 'Auto'. Funny, when I have the camera set on 'Auto' all I get is a big bright blur!! I need to practice more :-)

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