Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mexican Marx Take-a-Part Fire Engine Repo

First a bit of sad news to report. My camera died (sob). My 'old' Canon PowerShot A590 gave up the ghost two nights ago after literally taking tens of thousands of photos! Bettina and I were outside trying to get some shots of Der Mond when I heard a popping sound from the camera and the screen went black - mind you we were shooting at night so a black screen is not normally something one would get alarmed at - but we couldn't even get the streetlights to show up. Only two modes work on the camera now, the video and the 'easy mode' so I guess it's not really totally dead but I can't use it to take pics of toys anymore. My backup is a FujiFilm Finepix S2100. The FujiFilm is trickier to use and has one really big flaw - in video recording mode it is noisy!! When you zoom in or out it sounds like some darned steampunk contraption: whirr, click, bzz, click, whirr, rumble. Terrible. And of course all that racket comes across on the video. The Canon had a relatively quiet movement. Okay, now on to today's business.

Waaaay back in Novemember 2011 I posted an original Marx Take-a-Part Fire Truck and I had planned to post this repo made in Mexico a short time later. Well a 'short time' turned into nearly two years. The original truck is in red hard plastic but the repo is a combination of read and white hard plastic, still a very nice piece indeed. My repo didn't come with packaging, but unlike the original Marx truck I have, it is complete, so here it is finally a complete Marx Take-a-Part Fire Truck - Enjoy!