Sunday, August 18, 2013

Toys & Stuff Interview with Mike Burrows of Moonbase Central Now on Celtica Radio

Several weeks ago I had an interview via Skype with Mike Burrows (aka Scoop) over at Moonbase Central. He, along with Bill Bulloch (aka Wotan) and Paul Woods (aka Woodsy) are responsible for awakening my long buried interest in space toys. While they tend to focus on toys of the '60s and newer, my focus runs to toys a little bit older, but these were the toys of my youth and a big Many Thanx to you three for helping bring back the memories.

Anywho, Mike and I talked for three hours! about this and that but due to time limitations, only the first ca20 minutes are aired. Click on the Celtica radio link in the right column of the blog. Then in the left column of Celtica's site, click on 'podcasts'. The very first option you'll see is 'SWORDcast'. Click on it and listen. Enjoy!