Monday, August 19, 2013

Hand Made Marx Army Fuel Depot by Peter Wassmuller

If it seems as though Monday's have been quiet here on the blog it's because normally Monday's are reserved for tin-litho buildings and quite frankly I just haven't gotten around to taking any more photos of tin buildings. Instead I've been photographing my airplanes which you may have noticed are cropping up more regularly here. But for today, I did find some old photos of an Army Fuel Depot made by Peter Wassmuller (eBay seller 'homemadetoys'). Back on Dec 2, 2010 I featured a diner he made from an old 6" Marx caboose body. Today's offering also features an old 6" Marx caboose body as well as a 6" Marx tank body, both mounted on a metal platform. One end of the platform has the letters P.L.O.: 'Petroleum, Lubricants, Oil'. In the Air Force we would call it P.O.L.: 'Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants'. Now technically these aren't tin-litho but they are tin and certainly the caboose and tank car started life as tin-litho so for me that's close enough. Peter hand draws everything, giving his work a folk art feel which puts it in a class by itself. So, without further delay - Enjoy!