Monday, September 30, 2013

T. Cohn Fort Comanche Stable v.2

It's been awhile since I featured any tin-litho on a Monday but we can chalk that up to sheer laziness. I simply don't feel like haulin' some of this stuff out and photographing it - I know, I know I need to get off my behind and get with the program :-) Today's tin building was actually a target of opportunity as it was sitting out in the open, but because it's in kind of sad shape I hadn't wanted to photograph it before. It's another of T. Cohn's stable buildings from one of their western fort playsets. They had made a Fort Superior, Fort Comanche, and Fort Davy Crockett each with its own centerpiece tin-litho building. From what I could ascertain, there were two different Fort Comanche buildings, one of which was featured here on Toys & Stuff back on Mar 18, 2013. That was a two-story affair with T.Cohn's smaller shed plopped on top of the main stable building and it clearly states 'Fort Comanche' on the front wall. Today's version simply has two signs labeled 'STABLE' and 'COMMANDING OFFICER' on the front. I have seen complete Fort Comanche sets with today's building included so am fairly certain that it indeed belongs to Fort Comanche. (This wouldn't be unusual as even Marx offered several different building's in their iconic Fort Apache playsets over the years). The building measures Base: 7 1/2" (19.1cm) W x 11 3/4" (29.8cm) L x  5 3/8" (13.7cm) o'all height. I believe my building was bought as part of a lot but because it was a version I didn't have yet I kept it, although as you can see by the photo's it's pretty rough, having a bunch of rust spots on the roof and base but for now though it's a keeper. Enjoy!