Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013-10-17 Shine on Hunter Moon

Let's start with this cool shot of the Hunter Moon which Bettina just took a little while ago (6:03PM)

Now let's look at some nice shots taken during the week:

Oct 9, a beautiful sunset this night:

Oct 10. It was a nice cold day in the Valley with winds out of the north. Taken about 6:45AM:

Oct 11. Bettina likes planes as much as me and was able to catch this Alegiant Air passing by

Half of a Hunter Moon

Gorgeous shot of one of the stars - but don't ask which one

I've watched Bettina as she gets those unusual shots of the stars...

 ...but here's a short video which shows just how she does it - complete with dogs barking in the distance :-)

Oct 12. A beautiful sunny morning, ca 7:14AM

Oct 13 The clouds rolled in with force today:

Oct 14 The Waxing Hunter Moon 

Oct 15 Day or night the moon is gorgeous

Oct 16 The Hunter Moon is almost at its fullest