Thursday, October 17, 2013

2010 Mattel Hot Wheels #W4240 The Dark Knight 5-Pack - Batcopter

Mixing it up. Normally a post like today's would be on Sunday but the photos are ready now so here goes! This terrific little set from 2010 is a licensed tie-in to the 'The Dark Knight' movie and features five vehicles in 1/64 scale that would give any youngster a good head start on adventure play. The vehicles are all a part of Mattel's Hot Wheels 1/64 scale die cast line and even the Batcopter has free-rolling wheels on it. The five vehicles in the set are:

-The Joker's Bone Shaker hot rod
-The Tumbler Batmobile
-Gotham City Ford Fusion squad car
-Gotham City Savings and Loan armored car

The set is a good mix because you get a Villainmobile, a good target for him (the armored car), the cops, and the super hero ride all in one set, all you need are the figures. We'll get the ball rolling with the Batcopter. Enjoy!