Sunday, January 26, 2014

Marx - Marxville Accessories Pt 4

Here's Part 4 to our somewhat sporadic Marx/Marxville series of accessories. The last post was way back on Sep 23, 2013 and I'm hoping to get back on track and feature the rest of these this year. Each post, almost by necessity, will feature multiple accessories because there are just so many of them that to do only one at a time would take forever. Here's what we've got today:

-Marx #066 Plastic Grade Crossing
-Marx #067 Crossing Signal
-Marx #068 High Tension Power Poles
-Marx #072 Lamp Post
-Marx #073-3 Lamp Post Set
-Marx #074 Boulevard Lamp Post
-Marx #078 Twin Lamp Post


#066 Plastic Grade Crossing

Available as single sale and included in sets

When this photo was taken the lighting made the crossing look chocolate brown. It is in fact the dark brown as shown above. When K-Line started reproducing the Marx plastic accessories under their name they did use a chocolate brown plastic.

#066 Plastic Grade Crossing

Included in accessory sets and train sets. Not known if available as a separate sale item. 

#068 High Tension Power Poles

Available as a set and included in train sets. 

#072 Lamp Post

Three known colors: black pole with silver-gray shade; all gray; all silver-gray

 #073-3 Lamp Post Set

Two color variations known: black poles; silver-gray poles.
The three boxes on the pole sides are: 'Fire', 'U.S. Mail', 'Police'

#074 Boulevard Lamp Post

Same casting as the lamps in the #073-3 set above but minus the various boxes

#078 Twin Lamp Post