Monday, September 23, 2013

Marx - Marxville Accessories - Pt 3

Today we're featuring yet another of the Marxville plastic accessories that Lois Marx & Co., Inc. started producing back in the early 1950s to go with their line of 3-rail O-gauge trains. This accessory would continue being made until nearly the end of Marx production in the mid-1970s and is a ubiquitous railroad accessory and for my money far superior in design to the Plasticville water tank. Don't get me wrong, Plasticville had some terrific stuff and offered a wide variety of structures, many of which Marx never produced like an apartment building or radio station, but even as a kid when I had the Plasticville water tank for my trains I thought it looked funky.

Enjoy From The Berg's :)

#065 Water Tower with Spout
  1. Red supports, silver-gray tank and spout
  2. Yellow supports, red tank and spout
  3. Green supports, yellow tank and spout
  4. Gray supports, yellow tank and spout
  5. White supports, red tank and spout
  6. Black supports, black tank and spout

Production beginning or earliest appearance in a catalog: 1950
Marx logo: None
Size: 8 ¼” (21cm) H
Description: Plastic round tank, 3 ½” (8.9cm) H x 4 ¼” (10.8cm) Dia, sitting atop four plastic supports w/square plastic feet; moveable spout; plastic ladder