Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gordy Satellite and Just Bein' Lazy

Right now I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts - there's so many posts I want to do and I've been taking so many photos that everything kinda hit a mental log jam, so today I'm just gonna chill with some odds-and-ends. Enjoy!

First up, this cool, carded Satellite Tracking Radar Station toy from Gordy of West Germany made in 1965. I would really like to take this apart and assemble it but the clear plastic blister is glued on to the card vs. stapled and I don't want to ruin the thing.

Fugly Toy

I had to get this off my chest. An eBay seller packaged a toy I bought inside this box. I do not have the original toy. The box was covered in that tan plastic packaging tape which I removed as carefully as possible to reveal the artwork underneath.  Prior to getting this box I knew absolutely nothing about the toy itself but apparently the original design is a classic Japanese space toy of the '60s

It's ugly

Sorry, but this is an example of somebody having to reach way beyond reason to come up with a 'novel' toy idea. This box came from a latter-day Chinese repo of the original toy. The company is 'Marxu' - a not so clever ploy to capitalize on the Marx brand? 

I spent this past weekend photographing toys - about 1200+ photos in all!! 
Just for kicks I did this:

This is a mash-up of space toys posed on my alien world diorama base. The space ship is the Avion Lazer  spaceship from Arden of Argentina. The Moonbase Central crew identified the little spacemen as HG Toys and the robot is a Ferrero Kinder Egg toy. That black patch at the lower right is the result of our old Fujifilm camera slowly dying on us.

(I like the birdies chirping in the background - great alien world sound effects there LOL)

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  1. Hallo Mein Fritz Gefaellt Mir Sehr Deine Gattin Bettina Nur Unsinn im Kopf LOL Love it <3 :) Das Bist Du und Ich Bin Der Alien LoL <3 :)