Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marx Tin-litho Official Fire Chief Car

I've been a bit busy lately trying to scan the family photos and boy, are there a lot of photos - thousands, probably over 10,000 - and that would not be an exaggeration. Bettina's been doing a great job showcasing her wonderful photo's while I'm busy with scanning. VIELEN DANK MEIN SCHATZ! :-) But I think I can squeeze in a quick post here and there.

Today's nifty '50s toy is the tin-litho Official Fire Chief's car from Marx. This car was offered with a wind-up motor or with a friction motor and was offered as separate sale or with their massive two-story tin-litho Fire House. We're showcasing the friction motor car which would have been included in Marx's large tin-litho Fire House featured back on Dec 30, 2011. When I got my station it was missing this piece and now the set is complete - I think :)  All of the ads I've seen for the fire station shows a fire truck being included with the set however, every one of the original MIB sets I've seen included this Fire Chief's car. The car measures 7 1/2" (19.1cm) L x 2 7/8" (7.3cm) W x 2 1/4" (5.7cm) H. Enjoy!

Here's the Fire Chief's car shown next to some Cragstan pieces for size comparison

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  1. Vielen Dank Fritz Deine Gattin Bettina <3 :) Schoene Fotos ,Schoene Autos <3 :) Like It Wunderbar <3 :)