Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ferrero Kinder Surprise Egg - Einsatztruppe

One of the really cool things about  being overseas was Ferrero's Kinder (pronounced:  KIN - dur) Surprise Eggs.  It was an egg made of milk chocolate on the outside lined by white chocolate. The egg is hollow and when you crack it open, inside is a plastic 'egg' which when opened contained a toy. Some toys were single piece castings, but many more required assembly and there was an unbelievable variety of subject matter. More times than I can remember I'd buy at least 6 or eight and Bettina, the kids, and I would sit around the kitchen table, eating chocolate and putting together Kinder Egg toys LOL what a blast! These Kinder Eggs are legal in just about every country on Earth - except here in the U.S. due to an arcane law dating from the 1920s which essentially states that non-food items cannot be mixed in with food items. Okay, a rhetorical question here - why is it we can't buy Kinder Eggs, but for DECADES have been able to buy breakfast cereals with toys inside?? How about Cracker Jack? 

Anyway, back in January I decided to go through my boxes of Kinder Egg toys, sort them, put them all back together and finally get rid of the ones I didn't really like. But that still left me with a whole bunch. So, today we'll look at one of the robot/spacemen type of toys. This little fella is interesting in that it utilizes the two-piece egg the parts get packaged in and measures 2 1/2" (6.4cm) H. I've also included a fun little movie I whipped up today. As always - Enjoy!

I Like it your Wife Bettina Wunderbar :)

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