Monday, March 24, 2014

New American Civil War Diorama / Display Base Pt 2 - Planning

It's just been way too busy 'round here. I took time off of work to re-do on the sprinkler system in the backyard and man, oh man am I gettin' too old for this stuff. Clay 'soil' that hardens almost to concrete and an intertwining root system that makes digging in some parts impossible! In four days all I did was dig the trenches, lay down the pipe, and install the sprinkler heads - haven't even filled the trenches with dirt yet, and it's a fairly small yard!

However, slowly but surely things are gettin' done and I'm trying to work blog posts. Today we're goin' to look at some of the planning involved for the Civil War display base. As there are four Civil War mansions in my collection it was imperative that the display could accommodate any one I wanted even with space limitation. Enjoy!

The biggest mansion from the modern era New Marx, takes up a lot of room but is still workable in this small space.

Longer, but less deep than the big mansion, this one from CTS will work nice.

Marx's iconic tin-litho Civil War mansion

The diminutive T. Cohn house actually is probably the best to represent a small slice of the Southern countryside.

The basic layout has been drawn in with marker pen. Marx's Civil War bridge and a short length of railroad track from a cheap Wal-Mart set is being added for extra scenic value. The mansion's will be angled and displayed in one corner and even that big ol' mansion will fit here, although it'll take up a good chunk of real estate.

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