Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wyandotte MATS Cargo Plane

Here's another Nifty '50s toy, the Wyandotte MATS Cargo Plane. 'MATS' stands for Military Air Transport Service which was formed in 1948 after the United States Air Force became a separate service. It's predecessor was the U.S. Army Air Forces Air Transport Command. MATS, in turn, became the Military Airlift Command in 1966 and then Mobility Airlift Command in 1992.

I saw a very similar plane in a 1953 Sears Christmas catalog but with different markings and a bomb drop feature. The plane measures 13" (33cm) W x 10" (25.4cm) L x 3" (7.6cm) H. It appears to be C-97 Stratofreighter.

Courtesy Wikipedia:

It still has the original price take from F.W. Woolworth's Five-&-Dime store. I can't make out the price but it probably wasn't much!