Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Safari Ltd Confederate Soldiers Collection 1

A recent addition to the Civil War toy soldier market, Safari Ltd offers four sets of soldiers, two each Union and Confederate with each set containing six pieces all packaged in a clear plastic tube. The first set I acquired is shown here, Confederate Soldiers Collection 1. The pieces are made by a flexible vinyl and are really nicely sculpted and painted and are a notch above the average toy soldier. The figures are made without bases but some have a small appendage sticking out of one of the feet to act as a stabilizer. The only problem I had was with the flag bearer. The flag sticks out quite a distance from the figure and it is heavy making it impossible for him to stand up without other means of support. In order to photograph him I jerry-rigged a small platform that could be tilted - in some cases at about a 45° angle - and tried to quickly pop off a photo! I like the realistic tree stump included in this set. It's different than the somewhat overused Marx stumps and offers a good place for the soldiers to hide behind. Enjoy!

Flag Bearer

Advancing Rifle at Side

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Kneeling Rifle at Side

Standing Loading Rifle


Safari (L), BMC (R)