Sunday, August 3, 2014

Johnny Lightning 1960s Batboat. 1/64 scale die-cast and plastic kit from 2002

Johnny Lightning produced four 1/64th scale Batman related kits back in 2002. We've already posted the 1940s Batmobile and the Gyrocopter. Today we're looking at the 1960s Batboat. The major components are usually die-cast metal while smaller parts are plastic - either polystyrene or a more flexible vinyl type. The exception is this kit wherein nearly the entire trailer is plastic. The major die-cast components are held in place with screws tightened down by the screwdriver provided in each package however the provided screwdrivers are generally not very good as they don't grip the screw well enough and they're too short to get adequate leverage. I always use a jewelers screwdriver to handle these jobs. Although assembly is relatively straightforward, read the instructions first.BUT take note as often times steps are omitted! Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

The dashboard needs to be bent forward when installing it in the hull bottom

The teeny screwdriver provided is quite inadequate...

...use a jewelers or other quality screwdriver to assemble the top hull to the bottom

Installing the winch was entirely omitted from the directions

The hole in front trailer wheel needs to be reamed out slightly, otherwise there's a good chance that the mounting peg on the trailer will break

The twin motors mount good enough without glue but you may want to glue them in just in case

No flashy graphics but a nice little boat just the same.


  1. Nice looking boat,although being a fan of the sixties TV series I think the 'real' Batboat has the edge for me, Ed.

    1. I think a lot of us 'of a certain age' share the same feelings Scoop! LOL The companion car to this (plus some Corgi 1/43 scale offerings) were based on the comics, who in turn took their cue from (drum roll please) the TV series.