Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beverly Ballon Jet Plane

Here's an interesting plastic plane that was part of a lot of toys I acquired, a Beverly Balloon Jet. I'm not familiar with Beverly but from a cursory look through eBay it appears as if they made novelty toys. The plane has a hole in the top of the fuselage in which you inserted a balloon. By blowing into the rear exhaust (which is a separate piece missing from my toy) the balloon would inflate. I imagine one would then set it on a flat surface and the inflated balloon would cause the plane to roll. Never having seen it in action I can't say for sure. The plane measures 6 3/4 (17.1cm) L x 3 1/8 (7.9cm) wingspan 2 3/8 (6cm) H and is comparable in size to Pyro's USAF jet plane and looks very similar to it as well  In any case it is a cool addition to the fleet. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Opa Bettina

Pyro's plastic USAF jet

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