Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Website with Space-Themed Paper Models

We got an interesting comment from a reader on our  'Marx Apollo Lunar Landing Miniature Playset' post from this past August 2nd. He had taken the scans and photos and from those made .PDF files for download. In addition he used some of the photos from our Marx Galaxy Command playset post as well. BUT, that's not all folks, he also has other .PDFs based on Marx's Martian Landing and Star Station Seven sets. These files can be printed out to make the playmats, the land forms, some of the tin-litho work, and more. Because the originals are so darn large, the print-out files are divided into segments which you'll have to mate up. The vacu-formed mountains for the Moon Base and Martian landing sets were very large and irregularly shaped but he shows how to take a large shoe box and cover it with print-outs so that you can at least get a semblance of the mountains. His website is still a work in progress but to-date there's enough there to get a real good start on a couple of nifty projects. Go here to get a start and, as always, Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina :)

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