Thursday, May 14, 2015

Marx - Marxville Accessories - Pt 14

In this installment we veer away from numbered sets and accessories towards those that have no known numbers - or at least I don't know what the numbers are. If you know them please let us know.

-Marx #C-0221 3PC Automatic Signal Set Canadian Production
-Marx #Unk Log Car Trip Mechanism
-Marx #Unk Milk Platform
-Marx #Unk Valley News Stand
-Marx #Unk Operating Car Platform Loose

Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Marx #C-02213PC Automatic Signal Set Canadian Production

If the pieces in this set look familiar that's because they were posted as set #0221 back on January 15, but this is the Canadian version. Some of the hardest Marx pieces to find are those made by Marx's Canadian division and I was fortunate to pick up a couple over the years.

Marx #Unk Log Car Trip Mechanism (aka Track Trip Lever)

This ingenious little device allowed operating cars to unload without having to pull up to a ramp of some sort. All one did was slip it under the track and raise the bar - presto!

Marx #Unk Milk Platform

You can call this a milk platform, or loading dock, either one would be okay. Most often it cam in sets along with three very large milk cans. The dock was available in a silver-gray and brown hard plastic for sure, but there may be other colors.

My example has a broken step which is quite common for this accessory.

Marx #Unk Valley News Stand

The Valley News Stand was a staple of Marx train sets and came in a silver or silver-gray and brown hard plastic.

Marx #Unk Operating Car Platform Loose

I've called this platform 'loose' because another version exists which was integrally molded into Marx's plastic roadbed. This version was simply placed beneath a section of straight track. It was included in train sets and bundled with various operating cars.

Here we see the platform bundled with an operating milk car

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