Sunday, January 15, 2017

TRAIN TIME: Marx Set #25235 on the 'New' Edge of Town (EoT) Layout

Well, my small portable layout which I've been calling The 'Jeep' Layout now for, ohhhh, perhaps 18 years or so is now The Edge of Town Layout - or EoT. There for sveral years I was buidling a lot of layouts and giving them a name helped me remember what layout I was thinking about or referring to. Simply calling it the portable layout wasn't good enough because I had built several portable pikes so, becuase it fit in the back of my jeep Cherokee I simply called it The 'Jeep' Layout. Well heck, that thing hasn't been inside a Jeep in about 12 years and I don't go to train meets any more and set-up layouts so the name became old and stale.

I guess the question now is why give it a name at all? Why not just call it 'that little layout in the corner'? Having grown up in the '50s and '60 and cutting my teeth in the train hobby by reading Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman it was common practice to simply give layouts names. It was intended to impart personality to them and made them easier to identify when writing about them in the press and referring to them over the years in multiple articles. So, being a creature of habit I decided to re-name The 'Jeep' Layout and, after looking at how it's laid out: city-ish look on one side of the turnout, country look on the other side of the turnout, I decided on Edge of Town or EoT. 

In the spirit of my old Marxville and Plateau, I've been swapping out buildings and scenic elements to give it a slightly different look with nearly all my photo shoots. It also allows me to pull out some the stuff that's been sitting in boxes and see how well they fit on this space. For the run featured in today's post I pulled out a vintage Marx #25235 set and '50s era Marx/Jaymay cardboard buildings and finally replaced the Lionel water tower with Marx's iconic plastic water tower. Enjoy!

Set #25235 is a new York Central themed set having a Marx #999 engine, NYC wedge tender, C&O hi-side gon, NYC Pacemaker boxcar, and NYC caboose

My YouTube video of the train set run

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