Saturday, January 14, 2017

TRAIN TIME: Progress - or lack of - On The New Train Layout

This month has already been pretty busy although you'd never know it by reading the posts. I've managed to sell off a whole bunch of Marx train accessories which ate up quite a bit of time - photographing, posting, boxin, mailing, etc. Here's a little blurb I wrote on one of my facebook groups:

"GOOD GRIEF! I was sorting through my 'For Sale' and 'Sold' folders on the PC right? and I noticed that between last year and this year about 150-200 thingies left the house - SOLD, vamoose, sayonarra, aufwiedersehen, goodbye! But do you think for even one minute it freed up room out in The Cave??? Nooooo It's still a combination Superfund site and auxilliary landfill for the city!!! AAAAAARGH! sorry, just venting - need to get rid of more junk"

And therein lies the second half of the problem, trying to free up room out in The Cave to do, well, to do anything! However, it's only after many small steps that one finishes the journey and I do see a little progress. Follow me on my journey in building the new layout. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

What used to be the 'Plateau' on my old layout, The Marxville and Plateau. Made up of four 2" thick 4'x8' sheets of Styrofoam glued together then scenicked it was a real MESS cutting it apart into small enough chunks to get out of the house and dispose of (I had to buy a fine-toothed hand saw with 36" blade normally meant for finish carpentry). It required lots of vacuuming after all that sawing!!

I sawed these side pieces off thinking I would have a use for them, but after a little soul searching decided they were just cluttering up the place and ultimately they went in the garbage too. You may notice some familiar toys in the background which we've blogged over the years - now buried by the work going on out there in The Cave.

This was the spot where the burning apartment house (from Hasbro's 'Fearless Fireman' game) stood. That small piece of plywood was glued down and would not yield to hand saws of any kind. I ended up buyng a Porter-Cable oscillating tool and it did the trick. It was on sale so that eased the pain of having to purchase yet another tool.

At this moment the table top is full of stuff that needs either sorting, disposing, or selling. Once I'm able to clear all that debris off work can progress again on the layout

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