Friday, March 23, 2018

TRAIN TIME: 'Mother's Nightmare' Marx No. 400 Wind-Up Engine with Baking Soda 'Smoke' and Bell

We're gonna switch gears here again. I at first wanted to re-engage with The Flintstones toys but then totally forgot I had done a couple of train videos back in January. 

This engine has been referred to as 'Mother's Nightmare' because it throws up baking soda (or talcum powder, or whatever) by design as a substitute for smoke!! Under the smokestack there is a soft vinyl bulb in which powder is poured. A striker bar is attached to the drive rods and every time they move forward the bar presses against the bulb pushing it in and causing the powder to puff out.  The engine is the venerable Marx No. 400 and this powder puffer was made in electric and wind-up versions and included in at least several sets. 

Ya know, Marx did a pretty good job designing toy trains but this idea was an absolute boner! Who at Marx really thought that throwing powder all over the place was a good idea? Really? REALLY??? That being said, it actually works quite well hahahaha Here's the scoop for today's post: I dragged this out of the box because I was gonna sell it. Soooo I thought I would clean it up a little, run it, and film it. Not realising at first that this was the powder throwing engine, I tipped it over and that crap spilled every where. Yeah, I was miffed and I emptied the rest in the garbage canIt is for that reason you will not see any powder puffing out of this thing on the video. I WAS NOT going to get the Edge of Town layout full of powder. :-) So anywho, Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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