Thursday, July 5, 2018

TRAIN TIME: Marx Western Pacific E-7s & Plastic Cars

The past couple of months have been spent going through all of my Marx engines and checking them for serviceability. Most of them were in pretty decent shape considering I haven't run some of these in a long time or never ran them at all. This A-A pair of Western Pacific E-7's are an example of trains I bout perhaps 15 or so years ago and they sat in the box!! I finally cleaned and lubed them and they ran great! I dug out some plastic cars at random and just watch trains run. The New Layout (what I've been calling my layout now for the past  year-&-a-half) hasn't changed much. I swap out cars and trucks occasionally and just have fun. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

This yellow Santa Fe stock car is considered 'rare' by collector's. There are relatively few things in the world of Marx toys which are considered 'rare' (despite eBay seller listing claims), but this may qualify.

Some overhead shots of the layout as it stands now - this will change! (don't ask me when, but plans are underway to re-vamp it again)


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    1. Thank you! Trains were one of my first hobby 'loves' and after all these decades still remain at the top.