Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013_09_12 A Day In The Life of Las Vegas Skies

Today was pretty good for picture taking. The cloudy, rainy weather we've had over the past week had largely diminished but the morning started out still a little damp, foggy, and cool. It was 68°F (20°C) this morning and reached a high of 82° (28°C) today. Bettina got some good shots of a fog bank rolling through the Sheep Mountains. The skies pretty much cleared up with only partial cloud cover and the sun came out and dried things up again. Then she trained the camera on some birds roosting in nearby trees and got some good pics there as well. This evening (actually just a few minutes ago) she got some great shots of the Moon and Saturn. Enjoy!
The Sheep Mountains to the north of us

A little bird watching

A little sky watching


This shot had some brightness/contrast adjustments made BUT it was not cropped!