Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog Changes

Okay, you may have noticed a couple changes to the blog format while Bettina and I try out different things. The old format was serviceable but boring, but it was okay in a pinch. Now though we're playing with adding a little color and a little of our personality in the overall design. We're not programmers or graphic artists so we may end up goofing around with the design some more just for the heck of it. One point of frustration for me is getting the masthead to center on the blog using the templates provided. I've tried several versions of the photo with each having different proportions but none seem to want to center using the template we've chosen. Oh well.

It was, and is still, my contention that people visit the site for the photos, not the layout, but having a little more exciting layout couldn't hurt can it? This is perhaps the third or maybe even fourth change to the blogs' look over the years and it probably won't be the last and besides, it's fun to stir things up every so often with a little change. Enjoy!