Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marx Galaxy Command Playset - Pt 5 Conclusion

Today  we're putting the Marx Galaxy Command playset all together. Shown here in all its glory laid out on that puny playmat. Yup, puny. Even as a kid, when I had several playsets, those little playmats just seemed so insubstantial. It was as if your whole fantasy world lived in a 2' x 2' square, after which all the play pieces fell of the Earth. As nicely detailed and beautifully executed the mats were, it was almost better to set the toys up without the distracting mat and rely solely on your imagination. I think had the mats been slightly larger, not huge mind you, just a little larger, that would have been great and they still would have fit nicely into a small bedroom. Maybe something along the lines of 2 1/2' x 4' or thereabouts would have been decent. HOWEVER, that being said, as they are they do make excellent small space dioramas, perfect for the person without a lot of room for large displays. In any case, this playset, like practically everything Marx did, is a great looking set and when all the piece are in place it's an attractive display. Like other playset posts, I've gone ahead and just took a bunch of shots from different angles.Fritz & Bettina Berg Enjoy! :)

The station platform is best displayed hovering above the tower. I simply took a wire coat hangar, cut it down, bent it a little and inserted it in holes already molded into the platform and tower.

See what I mean? Galaxy exploration in a two foot square. But I still love the graphics on the mat.