Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Paper Blog Hits the Web

A few months back yahoo decided in its infinite wisdom to change the look, feel, and characteristics of its discussion groups and called it Neo-Groups or some garbage like that. Quite frankly as changes go it was a train wreck and a lot of people and administrators are quite fed-up with it. Among the groups I was a member of was PapervilleUSA devoted to paper buildings suitable to hang out alongside Plasticville, Marxville, and any other 'ville' out there. And there were of course the discussions about paper models in general, paper models for gaming and so on. 

PapervilleUSA's moderator, B.J. George, was one of those who had had enough of the Yahoo's over at Yahoo and has decided to close the group and opt for a blog format instead and here, in his words, is the latest:

I started a blog where I will be moving my Paperville models to at While the blog is mainly about my interests in table top games, from time to time I will be posting on my many other hobbies and interests such as paper modeling. I uploaded my first paper model to the blog this morning. It's a grocery store that was kitbashed from Ed "Ice" Berg's scans of his Built-Rite Business Block. The model is in Lego scale but can be adjusted to suits your needs. Be sure to follow Buffalo Games on Twitter at"

B.J., best of luck on your new endeavor and welcome back!

Fritz & Bettina Berg

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