Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mattel 2012 Hot Wheels #X1712-09A0K Batcopter

Today we're re-visiting Bat toys and bring you the latest Mattel Hot Wheels Batcopter. This is essentially the same as the 2010 Batcopter which at the time was marketed as a licensed tie-in to the The Dark Night movie. Mattel is great at recycling toys: change a color here and there, give it slightly altered packaging and voila', ya got a new toy! For some collector's this might get old (okay, same toy, couple different colors, ho-hum) but it's good for the kids who can get a nice new toy when they've worn out their old one after a couple of years of play use. Enjoy!

Here's the Batcopter from the 2010 Mattel #W4240 The Dark Knight 5-Pack

The latest version

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