Friday, January 26, 2018

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #2859 Marx Mexico Spaceship Set - Pt 2 F-102 Delta Dagger

At first, the inclusion of the '50s era F-102 Delta Dagger in this set might seem a bit odd, but if you play the '50s Sc-Fi game of jets scrambling to intercept UFO's this could fit right. What doesn't fit in are those gaudy colors! oh brother! But hey, it's a nice toy nonetheless. The minimal markings are done via peel-&-stick appliques which, after so many years, are starting to come loose on my samples. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Courtesy Wikipedia

Courtesy Wikipedia

Here's an example of some of the problems I had photographing these things. I had read where, if you put a brightly colored object on a backdrop of contrasting colors the colors will 'pop'. Wellll, yeah, sort of. The closest complimentary colored paper I could find to pink ( alighter tint of red) was green. You can see by the unedited photo below, that yes, the colors do 'pop' but...
I don't like it

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