Sunday, January 28, 2018

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A.#2859 Marx Mexico Spaceship Set - Pt 4 Repo Marx Spaceship #2

Here's repo Marx Spaceship #3. The original was posted here on Toys and Stuff back on 20 Dec 2013 and it is in a beautiful red jewel-toned color.

Now for a couple more pics of my failed photography attempts. I tend to shoot on average 12-18 different views per toy. These spaceships were a full 18pic complement. At first I did all five pieces in the set on the white background and I didn't like it. Then I did all five pieces on complimnetary colors and I didn't like it. THEN I did all five pieces on the black background, but dummy me, hand-held the camera and about half of them were out of focus. So then, I photographed all five pieces on the black background using the tripod!!! That's a heckuva lot of photos to get where we're at today with the post! Hope ya'all like the pics hahahahaha So, on that note - Enjoy!

Thoriginals use much larger wheels on them allowing them to sit higher

  Because of the smaller wheels used on the copies, they tend to be tail draggers

A good tail dragging shot

The original in a muted red color

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