Saturday, August 1, 2020

Ed's Travelogue: Driving Down To Anniston Alabama Late Apr 1978 - Pt 1

A couple of days back I posted pictures of the theater I used to work at and several of the people I worked with became very good friends. One of those - Brenda - was actually the facilitator for me joining the Air Force - that is in itself a whole other story. But ultimately here's what went down. Brenda decided to get the heck outta Milwaukee and join the military. She attended Army Basic Training at Ft. McClellan, Alabama and graduaed late March 1978. Welllll, to make a long story longer, myself and a couple of her friends decided to drive down there for her graduation and we spent several days on the road, winding our way through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennesse, and finally down to Anniston, Alabama. gain, as with most of my pix to-date, all I had was the SX-70 camera. So that, along with whatever brochures, post cards, etc, I could gather is the basis for this next series of posts. The whole trip took about four days (maybe five) and although I saw so many cool things, I wish could've lingered longer. The drive was spectacular, the people friendly, the food delicious, the weather was pretty good most of the time, but I had to go back to work the next week!  Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Brenda's official Army graduation photo

The day of her graduation: That girl was good - moved too fast for the camera LOL

The Fort McClellan Guest House

A small portion of the Fort grounds which includes the foothills to the rear of the photo

This map highlights Cheaha State Park

One of those places I would have loved to explore a bit more. With the SX-70 one learns to be frugal with picture taking as the film was expensive

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