Sunday, October 11, 2015

Toys and Stuff 5th Blogiversary (3 Days Late)

Three days ago, Oct 8th, was the blog's 5th Blogiversary. Did we forget it? Well yes and no. I remembered the anniversary a day or two before, but then with the granddaughter not feeling well this week and trying to care for her, the whole blogiversary thing just sort of faded away. We do try to squeeze in a post when we can but...

Anywho, one of our readers, John 'Mal' Malcovsky sent us an e-greeting for the blog. Check it out here:

Looking back on the year I guess we've managed to get a few things done. It was a busy year welcoming a new baby granddaughter in the family, and a busy year trying to care for her. Trust me, she's a handful - that little Schatzie is wearin' us four adults out!!! 

We  covered:
- the Moon in all it's glory and caught the Super Moon Eclipse
- featured more birds and Las Vegas Big Sky Pics
- our trip to Sparks, Nevada and the return trip through Carson City and the Nevada State Railroad Museum
- the entire range of American Dreams plastic vehicles
- nearly the entire range of BMC/Americana American Civil War toys
- built a display for photographing the Civil War toys
- featured a whole bunch more vintage space ships, airplanes, and vehicles
- found and featured more vintage paper buildings
- started a new series on beer/wine/spirits paraphernalia
- re-started Play Along Toys AOME LOTR figures (something we'd stopped doing four years ago)

...and much, much more!

Oh, and BTW, I was busy re-doing the shelves in The Cave, trying sell off the collection (as much as I can but keeping the stuff I really enjoy), and scanning hundreds of family photos...

...and working full time

I have no clue what the coming year will bring, but sincerely hope we can continue the blog - perhaps a tad scaled down, but hey, we'll see. Wwe hope you've enjoyed checking in on us and perusing the gazillion photos!

Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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