Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marx B-47 Stratojet

"The Boeing Model 450 B-47 Stratojet was a long-range, six-engined, jet-powered medium bomber built to fly at high subsonic speeds and at high altitudes. It was primarily designed to drop nuclear bombs on the Soviet Union. With its engines carried in pods under the swept wing, the B-47 was a major innovation in post-World War II combat jet design, and helped lead to modern jet airliners.
The B-47 entered service with the United States Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC) in 1951. It never saw combat as a bomber, but was a mainstay of SAC's bomber strength during the 1950s and early 1960s, and remained in use as a bomber until 1965. It was also adapted to a number of other missions, including photo reconnaissance, electronic intelligence and weather reconnaissance, remaining in service as a reconnaissance platform until 1969 and as a testbed until 1977." - Courtesy of Wikpedia
Okay, well with a history that spans from 1951 to 1969, it would be hard to pin down when Marx actually came out with this airplane but it was probably mid-1950s as Marx would have wanted to capitalize on the latest and greatest in aeronautical engineering.                                                                          

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marx 1975 Catalog

Today we're gonna look at pages 9 through 13 of the Marx 1975 Catalog. Enjoy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gunsmoke / Tales of Wells Fargo Streetfront

Marx was able to get double duty out of quite a few of its playset centerpiece tin-litho pieces and this gem of a streetfront is no exception appearing in 'Gunsmoke' and 'Tales of Wells Fargo'. Of the two shows, 'Gunsmoke' was clearly the most beloved having been on radio from 1952 to 1962 and on television for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975. Featuring James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon it was the longest running prime time television drama. 'Tales of Wells Fargo', while popular, only ran from 1957 to 1962. It starred Dale Robertson as Wells Fargo Special Agent Jim Hardie, the left-handed gun - an unusual sight on prime time Westerns. 

The tin-litho building measuring 25 1/2" (64.8cm) L x 4" (10.2cm) W x 5" (12.7cm) H, has a fully detailed interior and would have come with a nice complement of dark brown hard plastic accessories - which I don't have :-(  In any case, as always - Enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2010 Hasbro Marvel Universe Series 3 #015

Today on Toys & Stuff we feature a Super Villain - Dr. Doom! Even his name sounds ominous. He's a nifty character, garbed as he is in armor and a cape more reminiscent of a Ranger of Gondor than a Super Villain. The figure itself is rather substantial. I've noticed some of the characters in the Marvel plastic Universe are kind of anemic looking, but this guy has presence! Perhaps it's this heft that makes him fairly easy to pose without his stand, or perhaps the heavy plastic robe acts as a counter-weight. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playmates - #66051 Roaring Kong

For the past couple of months Toys & Stuff has been featuring licensed tie-ins to Peter Jackson's remake of the classic "King Kong" movie. The sets covered so far had a 6 1/4" (15.9cm) H figure. This is the first of two sets by Playmates featuring a larger size Kong who comes in at 10 1/2" (26.7cm) H. It's funny but after looking on and eBay I noticed a bunch of seller's claiming this figure to be about 15" (38.1cm) H!! They measured him while still in the box with his arm raised! I don't know about you, but the last time I went to the doctor and he measured my height, it was from head to foot - I've never once been asked to raise my arms and then take the measurement!!  This Kong also features a roaring sound - by pressing his chest his mouth opens and he lets out a pretty decent roaring sound. There's is a lever on his back which, by sliding it left or right, causes his left or right arm to raise in succession. Sliding this lever also activates the sound unit on my Kong. The set come with three figures; Ann Darrow, an explorer, and a Skull Island native. Now here's the funny part - these are the same sized figures that come with the shorter Kong's and they are definitely too small for this king-sized Kong! Overall though this is a nice set with some cool features and would make a great addition to any Kong Kollector's Kollection :-)  Enjoy!

Figure Set