Saturday, April 23, 2011

AOME LOTR Army of The Dead Pt 1 Army of The Dead Swordsman & Flintstones on The MaP Update

Before we start with our featured toy I have a small update to make. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I was working on a Flintstones Bedrock display for my layout, The Marxville & Plateau. I had made a video of it which included original Flintstones music but the Y'allTube Music Gestapo blocked it. Next, I took out the Flintstones music, replaced it with some Golden Oldies and the music Nazi's muted that! The third attempt simply failed. The Internet was so slow and it took so long to upload the attempt aborted. Well, FINALLY on the fourth attempt the doggone thing got uploaded and can be seen here:

It's a watered down version with no music but just watching the town of Bedrock come to life in toy form is kinda neat. Hope ya like.

Now, on to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Saturday's featured toy. You'll remember that last week we finished up Play Along Toys Armies of Middle Earth 'Warriors and Battle Beasts' series. Today we start on the 'Soldiers and Scenes' series. Each package in this series features three figures and I will be presenting one figure per week - hey, makes the blog last a little longer (I may have been born at night but not LAST night!). Our first set will be the Armies of The Dead. The manufacturer portrayed these three ghostly figures using a translucent green plastic. Really awesome. The only problem is with my own photography. Ya know, I realize I'm not the Universe's gift to the world of photography but I try and photographing these was tricky for me. First, they were photographed against a white background but the pics turned out way to light. The only other background I had available at the time was black and they turned out somewhat better. The black does help the details to show through much better. Also, for this series I'm going to present the box first so as to show people what three figures were included in each package.

Our first figure is called 'Army of The Dead Swordsman' and after looking at the photos he kinda reminds me of one of those sword-bedecked Ninja's one sees on TV all the time! A cool figure nonetheless. Enjoy!

Army Of The Dead: Swordsman, King Of The Dead, Shieldsman
Wave 5
Issued by: Art Asylum / Play Along Toys
Assortment: 48100
Item Number: 48031
Issue Date: Aug 2004
Issue Price: $8.99