Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kellogg's Village - USA 1948 Suburban House

****UPDATE 30 SEP, 2012****
I recently purchased another house in this series. The packaging was kind of like a mini-catalog showing all the houses in this series. The house presented here is more correctly known as:

Kellogg's Modern Home Kit, 5 Star Home No. 1510 Home for Beginner's

Also in this series:
-5 Star Home No. 1006 The Colonial Cottage
-5 Star Home No. 810 Concrete Colonial
-Town House Modern No. 84
-Cape Cod Modern No. 56
-Suburban Modern No. 95
-Blandings Dream House Kit based on the popular movie, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy

I will be blogging some more info on Oct 4, 2012

****Now on to the blog****

Well, Mondays haven't working out to well for me lately! Last week I was recovering from the flu and this week I had a bad allergy attack. The introduction of non-native, high-pollen producing plants in the local area had allergy sufferers really hurting this time of year. Hopefully by next Monday the posting will be back on schedule!

Cereal companies have been offering premiums for many decades. Most premiums were toys of one sort or another and were included inside the cereal box, while others were cut-outs printed directly on the box, and then there was the third variety - mail-ins. Generally, one would mail in x-amount of proofs-of-purchase along with a couple of dollars and the premium would be sent directly to you.  We've already covered the four vehicles of the Kellogg's Fire Department which were in-the-box premiums but today we'll cover one of the mail-in type. Paper villages and buildings have always been popular and in 1948 Kellogg's came out with a paper village which I believe had 6 structures in it. There was a USA version and a UK version of the paper village. The USA version had a suburban house, a concrete colonial house, and others which I can't recall now.  I have been able to purchase the suburban house, sans chimney, which had already been assembled. These buildings were perfectly sized for use on 3-rail O-gauge train layouts, but of course, they could be used as stand alone toys.  In line with today's post I'd like to announce a new Yahoo discussion Group, 'PapervilleUSA'. The emphasis is on buildings which are O-gauge compatible but of course anything posted could be sized to fit your needs.

If you have photos or scans of any of the other houses in the Kellogg's Paper Village USA series I would be interested in presenting them here on Toys & Stuff. Without further ado, here's the Kellogg's 1948 Suburban House. Enjoy! Bettina und Fritz :)

A comparison of suburban houses: (L) Marx plastic Ranch House (R) Kellogg's Village Suburban House