Saturday, September 19, 2015

AOME LOTR - Battle Scale Figures (International) - Moria Orc Runner

The last time we featured this little guy was back on Aug 27, 2011 as part of Play Along Toys Soldiers and Scenes 3-pack sold here in the States. This is the single pack International sale packaging. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


  1. Orctastic that ed! I love LOTR figures but they have to be old to really pique my interest. One of the best moments in the Toy hunter TV series, the first I think, was when Jordan found a Knickerbocker Ringwraith in box of nits in someone's basement. Classic TV. You could tell he was excited! I'm pleased to say Jordan offered the lady a really good price for it. As for me, I own a single orc - a bit like yours but made of bare metal and half an inch high. Small but very meaningful as I got it when I was a teenager who's head was filled with visions of Middle Earth!

    1. Nearly all of my LOTR toys were bought when the films came out. Most of them are Play Along Toys but I have other makes which I hope to post this year. I wasn't even aware of the Knickerbacker line until your comment! Back in the day I used to collect the LOTR calendars but never searched for toys.