Thursday, September 24, 2015

Computer Problems

Well, here we go again, the computer is acting up and in the shop for repairs. It was just last month when I broke down and decided to buy my first ever laptop. We use them at work occasionally but mostly we're tied to desktop units and after all these years I've never owned my own laptop although in the past the kids were given one for their birthday. had a fairly decent deal on factory refurbished HPs so I took the plunge. It was about half the price of a brand new one and I'm here to tell ya, if I hadn't of known beforehand that this was a refurbished unit it would easily have been mistaken for a brand new one! Right out of the box there wasn't a blemish to be seen and set-up was a piece of cake. Another reason I bought it was because it had Windows 7. Windows 10 is fine but I can't run my venerable Printmaster Platinum (Broderbund) program on it. Not only is Printmaster a nice little program for making newsletter's and stuff but there are some basic editing tools which I really like more than Photoshop. Also it comes with a huge suite of graphics, most of which are available on-line from their website. Photoshop's suite (and I use the term loosely) in a word - sucks! Their paltry selection of a couple dozen graphics is laughable at best, absolutely depressing at worst. But hey, you guys at Broderbund need to wake up too. Ever since Windows 8.1 came out, whatever changes Microsoft made to their OS which caused your program to be unworkable, aren't going away. You need to find a way to make your programs work again or just pack it up and go home.

Anywho. So now our computer is at a co-worker's place (he also runs a computer repair and custom design business on the side) and we won't get it back until next week. Not because he's slow but he and I both have off for the next four days and won't be back to work until Monday. You see, I can remove and install components no problem, but if something else goes wrong I have no tools to diagnose the problems so am dependent on others. Gotta do something about that one of these days!
So, for the next few days, I'll be relying on whatever photos are currently on the laptop to post here on the blog. Until then - Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina 

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