Friday, September 23, 2016

Small Army Beverage Delivery Truck - OD HP OR Battery Delivery Truck?

Long time blog reader John M. (Mal) pointed out that this may be a delivery truck for batteries. When I first looked at the truck it did appear as if the molded in details looked like batteries and not cases of soft drinks but I went with the soft drink delivery truck scenario instead because:

- I couldn't find any real good pics on-line of a '50s era battery delivery truck with open sides - the pics all showed closed sided panel vans and such

- the outline of the the truck just screams Coke! (or Dr. Pepper, or Pepsi, or....)

- and besides, delivering soft drinks to the troops is more fun. Can you imagine some Private running up to his squad yelling, "The battery truck is here, the battery truck is here!! Whoopee!"  yeah, not so much

All that being said, because the rest of the trucks in the series are heavy duty haulers and maintainers it could still very well be a battery truck needed to help service the fleet. Although I don't have the original box for these things I have seen pics of it on the web and Pyro really didn't give a specific name to each truck. They were simply part of a set of Army Service Trucks.

What do you think readers?

Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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