Friday, December 16, 2016

Marx 1950 Studebaker Army Staff Car - OD HP

Even though we've pretty much wrapped up our series on small Army vehicles Marx used as flatcar loads, this wasn't included with those for a reason. Those six vehicles - as far as I know - were only available in Marx's O-gauge train sets, however this sedan was part of an early series of plastic cars Marx included in train sets, Marxville plastic buildings, and even in their large tin-litho service center playsets. These cars were multi-tasker's to be sure. So far I've managed to get two different sedans with Army staff car markings, the problem is I can't find my other car!! This one here is either a 1950 Starlight Coupe, Champion, or Commander, they all look similar. Toy companies tended to make cars that looked very similar to their real life counterparts but made just enough changes to give them a rather generic look while still being identifiable as, let's say, a Cadillac or Buick or in this case, a Studebaker. Enjoy! Der Spielmeister Opa Fritz und Bettina Berg

Here, an original Marx Military Flatcar Load tank is posed with the multi-tasking Studebaker


  1. I need an od studebaker. Do you have one that can be purchased?