Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marx Repo Military Flatcar Load - Conclusion

Well, here we are, the end (finally) of the small plastic military flatcar loads by Marx and their repos by Marx of Miami. It only took what? like a thousand days to get here? hahahaha  Okay, that being said there's actually more of these in different colors that I'll post from time to time but like I said in a previous post, the only complete set I have is the below pictured repos in dark blue so I thought it best to get them all together for a family portrait :-) There's also an exception to this 'military flatcar loads' designation I've been bantering back and forth throughout the series. I'll talk about that exception perhaps later in the week. 

For the collector's out there here's a list - as complete as I'm aware of - of the various known colors offered by Marx and Marx of Miami. 

Original Marx:
Light Green
Light Blue
Olive Drab

Marx of Miami:
Dark Blue
Olive Green

Perhaps, as I get a little more time I'll try to identify the actual vehicles the toys were modeled after and do another series on that. The DUKW is easy, it was modeled after the DUKW :-). The tank is a Sherman M-4, and the armored car is based on the Staghound, but the three trucks?? got no clue. So for now ladies and germs, boys and squirrels - Adios and Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


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