Wednesday, May 3, 2017

TRAIN TIME: Marx 1666 Sound-O'-Power and Auto Haulers On The New Layout

I'm a tad late posting some of this but last month I had enough 'me' time to pull out trains, run them, and take videos. This post we're featuring the Marx gray 1666 with Sound-O'-Power tender. The tender had a roller underneath which made contact with the center rail. As the train rolled the electronic module produced 'white noise' or static such that it sounded like a train engine rolling by. A really nice effect for its day. The engine is s'posed to be a smoker but my smoke unit doesn't work so well and needs servicing. Also on this run I finally populated my empty auto hauler cars and vehicle hauling flat cars with original Marx cars and trucks. Unfortunately the 1666 wasn't strong enough to pull all the cars that were readied so several had to be pulled out of the consist and sidelined. The engine did however have enough 'oomph' to pull the auto haulers as you'll see in the video. This time around I also put out my Royal Lighted Village buildings to see how well they looked alongside the Built-Rite buildings. So far I'm liking it! Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


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