Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Odd Eats: Crickets and Ants and Worms Oh My!

How many of you out there are adventuresome eaters, not afraid to try something odd or unusual? Well, I'm kind of in that category and always wondered where a person could find the kind of odd eats I've seen on the Travel Channel or Food Network.  Well, the other day I had a chance to push the limits a tad. I found this local vendor selling boxes of crickets, larvae, and ant wafers in assorted flavors - they even had scorpions in a sucker! So, I decided to test the waters first with this assortment because at 2-for-$5 it was starting to get pricey for me. So far I've had the BBQ flavored larvae. The verdict? Not a very strong BBQ flavor and the consistency reminded me a little bit of small pieces of Chicharrón or pork rind snacks. The package has 1.9g of larvae of which 1g is protein. Is that a good ratio? Dunno but it seems to me one eould have to eat a lot of these to get the daily recomended 60g of protein. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

BTW - I'm the only one in the house willing to eat these!! hahahahaha 

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