Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Comments On The Blog


I dunno, did I miss something? I must have been living in a haze because I have totally missed all the comments posted the past few months. They're all just sitting there awaiting moderation! So sorry folks, I'll start getting to them ASAP.

Opa Fritz


  1. Sounds like a big Job Opa! Just wanted to say that your photography is just brilliant. You should publish a book!

    1. I do have 600+ page compilation of Marx Plastic Accessories for their 3-rail O-gauge trains, and another compilation of Marx Trains (aka New Marx, Ameritrains) paper (catalogs, brochures, flyers, etc) BUT I gotta tell ya Woodsy that is a LOT of work and I no longer have the time. It is a good idea though - I'll have to kepp it in my back pocket.