Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TRAIN TIME: 2017-05-14 Marx Wind-up No. 994 On The New Layout

I pulled out one of the Marx wind-up's that have been languishing in the storage box and gave it a run on the New Layout. I bought several wind-up engines when the Marx train bug first bit but I just couldn't get interested in them. So what the heck, might as well play with 'em, film 'em, and sell ;em. This first engine, the No.994 is already sold - eventually the others will follow. It ran well enough for a wind-up I guess but for me? Meh!

Before filming the No. 994 last month the New Layout went through another transformation. I wanted to finally see what these vintage paper buildings would look like in a more organised, city-like setting so I cut some poster board into 6" (15.24cm) widths for the main roads while the slightly narrower pieces left over from the poster board sheets were used for side roads. Then I took heavy cardboard - the type used as covers for 3-ring binders - and turned those into city 'blocks'.  There wasn't enough poster board to complete the streetwork but the 6" width seems to be ideal for main streets as it will accomodate 1/43 scale vehicles side-b-side with a little wiggle room between them. The binder cardboard pieces are a tad too small but overall the effect is pleasing. This arrangement is temporary but I was tired of looking at all these nice vintage buildings simply plopped down on the table top so this gave me a good indication of what I'll need to do once the scenery transitions from temporary to more permanent in nature. If I ever get around to making the scenery more permanent, the streets will probably be painted on and the city blocks will be made of another material beside cardboard.  Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


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